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Feeling a lil’ frizzy around the edges, curl girl? Sounds like you need a miracle! Once you experience the nourishing and moisturizing effect of our Miracle Curls Conditioner, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it — and now luckily, you don’t have to.

We love our curly-haired sisters, which is why we’ll let you in on one of the Outback’s best-kept secrets: jojoba oil (ssh — don’t say it too loudly). No need to hunt down your passport — we’ve brought it stateside and combined it with coconut and other gorgeous ingredients to create our legendary Miracle Curls Conditioner, here to salvage your hair with its gorgeously moisturizing ways.


Get beautiful curls like no other with Aussie Miracle Curls Conditioner! Our Miracle Curls Conditioner is specifically designed for your perfect curls. Whether you have effortlesslywavy curls, bouncy loose curls or downright ringlets—we’ve got you covered. Our Aussie Miracle Curls Conditioner is infused with coconut and Jojoba Oil to nourish and moisturize for a totally unique, perfectly bouncy mane. Plus, Aussie Miracle Curls Conditioner has the deliciously fresh scent of juicy citrus and bright florals for curls that smell as beautiful as they look.

Aussie Coconut and Australian Jojoba Oil

Coconut & Australian Jojoba Oil

Application tips


Work a big dollop into your wet hair.

Revel in the juicy fragrance while the formula works its magic. (Disclaimer: we are not responsible if you’re late for work).

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